Aprilia RSV 1000 R


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Weekday Weekend Long Weekend Week
$299 / 24 hrs $568 / 48 hrs $807 / 72 hrs $1,256 / 7 days
100 mi 200 mi 300 mi 700 mi
Overage is $1.95/mile. Purchase miles in advance for discounted rates.
Subtle. Easy. Gentle. These are not words one would use to describe the RSV 1000 R Factory. It is quite simply as loud, aggressive and generally angry as the big lion painted on the tank.

Aprilia built the RSV1000R as an updated evolution to the highly respected RSV Mille. The Factory version comes with lightweight carbon fiber bodywork and a full Öhlins race suspension, making it more than a match for any V-twin literbike. The unique and generally amazing Rotax V-twin makes a howl unlike any other, with huge torque delivery across the entire rev range, and a peaky top end that is sure to please anyone with a soul.

Did we mention the sound? It's pretty ridiculous. Combined with the superb running gear, featuring Brembo Radial mount monobloc calipers, the RSV 1000 R Factory amounts to a swan song of the crazy Italian superbike—it is the last "pure" superbike made without any kind of electronic rider aids.