Roush Mustang

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Weekday Weekend Long Weekend Week
$500 / 24 hrs $950 / 48 hrs $1,350 / 72 hrs $2,100 / 7 days
150 mi 300 mi 450 mi 1,050 mi
Overage is $1.95/mile. Purchase miles in advance for discounted rates.
There's a reason why the Ford Mustang GT is such a popular car with tuners and weekend racers: it's really good. Its brawny V8 engine with its throaty voice and loads of low-end torque evokes the glory days of the American muscle car, and its tastefully retro styling makes it belong to both that era and this one.

One of the things that makes the Mustang so appealing as a car is the massive aftermarket support of the car, which we’ve taken full advantage off, to offer you a truly unique Mustang.

The PRI Roush Mustang has been built to Roush Stage 3 specifications, with the notable exceptions of a much larger Whipple supercharger, race coilover suspension, huge 6-piston Wilwood brakes, Sparco racing seats and RaceLogic variable traction control. We’ve also added an amazing audio and navigation systems, making long road trips much more enjoyable. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the car, however, is its suspension. We’ve spent many hours dialing it in so that this Mustang handles better than most European exotics, with a nimble, light feel that would feel more at home in a car half its size. The result is a truly unique experience— muscle car performance with race car handling.